Choose A Retractable Stanchions With A Belt Braking System

10 January 2023
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Most event rental companies have a wide range of retractable stanchion systems that you can rent for events. You can use this system to create a queue that your guests follow as they enter the building, block off restricted parts of the venue, and much more. When you're checking out different systems, you might hear the term "belt braking system." This is a feature that slows down the belt as it retracts, rather than allowing it to retract back into the post at a high rate of speed. Here are some reasons that a belt braking system is desirable on retractable stanchions.

No Injuries

If two people at your event are handling the stanchion system and one person releases the belt from one post, the belt will begin to retract toward the other post. If there's no belt braking system in place, the belt would retract very quickly — potentially causing the plastic bracket on its end to hit one person's finger and cause a minor injury. When there's a belt braking system, the belt will retract into the post so slowly that any contact with the person won't hurt in the slightest.

Quiet Use

A set of retractable stanchions without a belt braking system can be noisy at times. When someone releases one of the belts and it retracts at a high rate of speed, it will make an audible "snap" sound when the plastic bracket hits the post after the belt retracts all the way. If you have staff who are taking down the stanchion system while your event is still underway, this type of noise may be disruptive. A belt braking system that causes the belts to retract slowly means that these noises won't occur.

No Damage

When a stanchion belt retracts quickly, it doesn't just make an audible sound. The high-speed contact between the plastic bracket on the belt and the post can potentially cause damage. For example, the bracket could crack, especially if you have the stanchion system set up outdoors in the winter, as the plastic will be cold and potentially brittle. Damage to the system may impede its ability to work properly. For example, if the plastic bracket is broken, it may not fit snugly into the post. A belt braking system will ensure that every belt retracts slowly so that damage does not occur.

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