4 Canopy Rental Add-Ons Ideal For Family Gatherings

30 June 2022
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A canopy rental provides a shaded and controlled space ideal for family gatherings. Whether you celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or a holiday, a canopy rental allows everyone to gather outdoors. Along with the standard canopy, you have the option to add some accessories and extra features to your rental purchase.

Check out some of the best add-ons that are ideal for family gatherings and how each one can make the family event run a lot smoother.

1. Extra Walls

Even with protection over your heads, you do not want large gusts of wind to impact your family gathering. Keep food and other items easily organized with the rental of extra canopy walls. A canopy wall will block out wind and dust as well as create an easy place to set tables for items. The walls attach right to the canopy.

If you want a more closed-in space, then consider the rental of three walls. For example, you may have a lot of children at a family gathering. The three walls will prevent kids from just running off and allow family members to keep track of the kids a lot easier.

2. Extension Cords

Extension cord rentals allow you to supply some extra power to the canopy. The extra-long extension cord rentals give you the opportunity to place a canopy at different locations and still have access to power. For example, you could use power cords to plug in slow cookers or buffet warmers to serve guests food.

An extension cord can provide entertainment in the form of music as you plug in sound systems. Make a list of the items you need to be plugged in and determine if you need more than one extension cord for the event.

3. Canopy Lights

Family gatherings may extend into the night. Provide extra illumination under a canopy with the use of canopy lights. Instead of rigging up a separate light system, you can rent lights that were made specifically for canopy use. The lights string along the top of the canopy and will illuminate the whole area.

With the roof covered and the use of walls, a canopy area can darken quickly. The lights will help illuminate the area without taking up a lot of extra space.

4. Tables & Chairs

Provide family members with a place to sit without the need to drag out all kinds of chairs of your own. When chair rentals are provided with a canopy, you can easily set up all the chairs and they get dropped off right with the canopy. Tables add space to eat, play games, or share family items like pictures.

The number of tables and chairs is based on the size of the area.

Add one or more of these rental extras the next time you book a canopy for your family events. For more information on canopy rentals, contact a company near you.