Small Wedding? 5 Times To Use A Full Service Package Anyway

11 May 2022
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Do you want a small wedding? While this decision helps simplify your overall wedding planning process, many couples still opt for a full service wedding planning package. Why? Here are five scenarios when it can help you no matter what size your wedding is. 

1. When You're Too Busy. Most couples getting married are already busy with life — kids, caregiving, full-time jobs, volunteering, and school. This means you may not have the time to devote even to a pared-down wedding. After all, you'll still need to spend time meeting with vendors, choosing decor and clothing, sending invitations, reading contracts, and decorating spaces. If you can't handle it all, outsource as much as you can. 

2. When You're Indecisive. Just because you have fewer decisions to make or a smaller space to decorate doesn't mean you're free of the work. Executing a wedding vision calls for a lot of decision-making on a wide array of subjects. Do you find yourself having a hard time settling on elements? Paralyzed by too much choice and a more limited palette on which to work? Pros help you make good decisions and avoid overdoing your small wedding. 

3. When You Live Elsewhere. Whether it's a destination wedding, a minimony, or just nuptials in your fiancé's city, planning a wedding when you don't live locally is hard. Everything takes on added difficulty. What you need is someone who is on the ground in the local area, knows local vendors, understands the layout, and can do many small tasks in your place. This is when a full-service planner acts as a surrogate for you.

4. When You Aren't Picky. Not everyone wants to micromanage wedding details. If you've chosen a small wedding because planning it just isn't your thing, follow up by freeing yourself of the need to do everything. Instead, hire a professional who will make decisions based on both your vision and their expertise. Then you can focus on the few things you really do care deeply about. 

5. When You're Rushed. Planning a wedding at the last minute? There's no time to waste, even when it's physically smaller. Get more done in less time and avoid time-wasting mistakes by letting a professional do much of the work for you. This is an investment in not only a great-looking result but also the reduction of stress for anyone on a deadline. 

Where to Start

Do you fit into any of these scenarios? No matter what challenges you face or what size your wedding will be, a full-service wedding package could be a simple solution to a complicated problem. Meet with a wedding event service in your area today to learn more.