Renting A Generator? Confirm These Features

16 September 2020
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If you're planning virtually any type of outdoor event, it's important to think about how you'll supply power to the gathering. While you might have a primary plan, a backup plan is always a good idea, too. For many people, a good backup plan comes in the form of a generator — a device that can quickly provide power in the event that there's a problem with your primary power source. Your local equipment rental center has many types of generators available to rent, so it's a good idea to discuss your event with a rental agent. They will be able to recommend some suitable choices. As you evaluate your options, here are some features to confirm.


Generators are heavy, but most are equipped with handles. This means that you and a partner will likely be able to carry your rented generator to wherever you need it. A better choice is a unit that has wheels below it. This simple feature will allow you to move the generator with much more ease — something that may especially be appealing if the weather is hot. Wheels will also allow you to move the machine from one location to another more quickly than carrying it, which is important if you need backup power quickly.

Quiet Operator

When some generators run, they can be loud. This isn't necessarily a concern for people who are using a unit to supply power to an event that is already loud, but this won't always be the case. If your event will be on the quieter side, a quiet generator will be your best bet. Different models often have decibel ratings, so you can easily evaluate which model will suit you. A quiet generator can supply your power without being a distraction for your guests.

User-Friendly Functions

While you should always have an employee of the rental service provide you with a tutorial on operating the generator, it's important to know that some models are more user-friendly than others. When you lose your primary power source, you may understandably be stressed. This isn't the time to realize that you're unsure of how to operate the generator. Don't be afraid to ask your rental rep about which models are easiest for a novice to operate. This is the type of device that you want, as you'll be able to quickly get it started so that it can provide the much-needed power to your event.

Reach out to a professional near you to learn more about generator rentals