4 Ways An Event Planner Can Help You Save Money

21 February 2020
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Event planners exist because planning an event is hard work! While you may be tempted to cut costs by planning your own event, you may end up spending more without the expertise of an event planner. Here are four benefits to working with a planner.

An Event Planner Will Help You Stick to Your Budget

The very first step in planning an event is deciding what your budget is. People often underestimate how much an event is going to cost. An event planner will help you set a realistic budget and then will work closely with you to see to it that you stick to your budget.

An Event Planner Will Keep You on Track

Most people aren't aware of all the steps that go into planning an event. Whether you need to plan a corporate team building event or a large wedding, there are dozens of decisions to make.

Some of those decisions must be made at specific times and other decisions cannot be made until other choices are made. Not doing things in the right order can be costly. If multitasking is not one of your strong suits, an event planner is a must. They have the necessary skills and will help you stay focused as you plan your event together.  

An Event Planner Has Insider Knowledge

When planning an event, you could spend days touring venues, trying to find the right one for your event. Or, you could work with an event planner. Because they have a lot of experience, they already know what options and amenities different venues have. They know how many guests will comfortably fit in a specific venue.

They also know the satisfaction level of former clients. For example, you may be considering a hotel ballroom for your wedding, but the event planner is aware of problems with the venue from previous interactions. This kind of insight can help prevent disappointment down the line and will save you time and potentially money.

An Event Planner Can Help With Marketing

Obviously, if you're planning a wedding, you don't need to market the event. But if you are planning a major fundraising event for the non-profit organization you work with, the success of your event will largely depend on getting the word out and attracting people to your event.

An event planner can offer great marketing ideas to bring your event awareness to the community. For example, they may recommend radio spots or print advertising in your local newspaper and can put you in touch with the right people. If your event isn't well-attended, it could cost your organization a lot of money. 

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