Does Your Loved One Deserve A Memorable Ceremony? 3 Tips To Plan A Moving Funeral Dove Release

9 January 2020
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A flawless white dove symbolizes purity and peace, which makes releasing one or more the perfect send-off for your loved one. Although funerals tend to be somber occasions, a dove release ceremony tends to help lift everyone's spirits during their time of grief and loss. Whether your loved one requested a release during their funeral planning or you are choosing to do one on your own, you can use these tips to make sure that this part of the ceremony brings the sense of hope and peace that it is designed to provide.

Pick the Right Time for the Funeral

Funeral dove release services use specially trained homing birds that know how to fly back to their loft after they are sent off into the sky. While these doves know how to get back to their loft in the right conditions, they do struggle at night and in bad weather. Try to plan the funeral to take place several hours before the sun goes down to make sure that doing a dove release is possible.

Decide How Many Doves to Release

A funeral dove release can be done with a single bird to symbolize your loved one's spirit soaring toward the heavens. You can also include additional birds to add a different touch to the ceremony. For instance, you might prefer to release several birds before the single dove. This creates the effect of symbolizing your loved one being escorted on their journey to their afterlife, or you could release a number of birds that represent each child of the departed.

Select Who Will Be Involved In the Ceremony

Funeral doves can be released by their professional handler, or you might be able to appoint someone from your family to participate in the release. In most cases, this will be someone who is very close to the departed such as a spouse or child. Having someone who is close to your loved one release the dove can increase the meaning of the gesture.

Plan a Personalized Message to Read

A release is made more beautiful by taking a moment to give a personalized message. Your family members may want to read a poem that they wrote or found that fits the moment. You might also want to play a special song as the birds fly away. If you are unsure of what to say or play, you can never go wrong with an inspirational message that supports the theme of peace and hope that you get from the dove release.

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