3 Tips For Enjoying Your Club Crawl

18 November 2019
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A club crawl is where you hit up multiple clubs during one evening. Although you can go on an unofficial club crawl with your friends, the best club crawls are those that are put together and sponsored by an officially sanctioned company who has arranged entry into a variety of clubs for your entire group throughout the evening.

Pace Yourself with Your Drinks

When you go on a club crawl, you are generally provided with either discount drinks or free drinks and shots at each location that you stop at. This is pre-arranged through the club crawl provider. A free or discounted drink is provided at each stop in order to ensure that everyone is able to take in the atmosphere as well as the drink offerings at each stop.

That said, you know what your limits are, so pace yourself. You can stick to only drinking the free drinks at each location or purchasing additional drinks. What you don't want to do is feel pressured to drink endless drinks or shots at each stop. You are still responsible for your actions, so drink responsibly.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

It can be tempting to put on your shiny new pair of loafers or high heels for your club crawl; you want to look nice after all. However, this is not a night for breaking in a new pair of shoes. Put on a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable wearing over the course of a long night. You will be getting on and off the transportation for the pub crawl or walking around in a group depending on the tour you sign up for. You want to wear shoes that can last all evening.

Find Fun Friends to Go With

Finally, the people who you go on the club crawl with will determine how much fun it is. If you have a large group of twenty or more individuals who wants to go, you may be able to book a private club crawl in your area, where the host will take your group around on your own.

Otherwise, your group will be part of a larger group. For example, if you get 10 friends to go with you, you will meet up with 30 other random people, who are all part of the 40-person pub crawl.

A club crawl can be a really fun way to get out and have some fun with your friends. Remember to pace yourself; if you get drunk you may not gain admission to all the clubs. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and get together a fun group of friends.