How To Pick The Right Catering Hall For Your Wedding

29 April 2019
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Choosing where to hold your reception is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding. You could choose to hold it at home, pick a hotel conference room, or choose a catering hall in which to hold your reception. A catering hall is often one of the best options for your wedding. 

The fact that everything is typically included is a plus for many couples as it cuts down on a lot of stress about finding vendors. But how do you find the right one for you?

How to pick the right catering hall for your wedding can be as easy as following a few tips.

Determine Your Budget First

You are going to find that there are many options available to you in a catering hall. One of the first things you need to do is determine what your budget is for your reception. While it might be your dream to have a big, flashy reception that is immaculately decorated with a five-star meal served to your guests, it just might not be in your budget.

When you are planning your wedding, make sure you are realistic about how much you will have to spend on your reception. One of the best reasons to find a catering hall is so that everything is included in your price. This means chair rentals, decorations, catering staff, and the food itself is usually included. So, determine your budget first before heading out and searching for the venue.

Take The Caterer's Advice About Your Choices

Once you find the venue, you need to meet with the caterer who will be planning and executing your meal. You are going to find that many places offer plenty of meal options with appetizers, choices of entrees, and desserts. Some will offer a more standard fare with limited options, but many have a full-service menu.

Talk with your caterer and listen to their advice. Give them as much information about what your guests like, what you like, and what kind of meal you want to have. Do you want or need to have a vegetarian option for your meal? Do you want a more buffet style reception dinner? Do you want more than one type of meat such as steak and chicken?

Take your caterer's advice on your choices and don't be afraid to let them know what your preferences are.

Have A Tasting

It is a really good idea to have a tasting before your wedding day of the items you picked for your reception. It's possible that while they sounded good on paper or when your caterer was talking about them, they are not what you expected when you taste them. This is why it's best to try them out ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

You can also have a tasting if you are unsure of what exactly you want to have on your menu. The chef will prepare small samples of dishes based on the information you give them. You and your future spouse can then taste each one, including desserts and decide which ones are best for your reception.