How Much Of A Display Do You Want? Trade Show Ideas

18 March 2019
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Trade show displays have dozens of different ways for you to capture the attention of trade show attendees. If you have some idea of what you would like to do, you can begin selecting the items you want. If you are not sure what to choose, the following items are all "mix and match." 

Ten-Foot Freestanding Displays

These displays are rather common, but there are multiple widths available to fit the booth space you have reserved at your next trade show. Buy and customize one of each width so that you always have the right display to fit the booth space you are given. You can pair these with table displays, wall displays, and accessories, too. 

Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays work for either the budget-conscious business owner or the lack of booth display space. If you are both the budget-conscious owner and you end up with a lack of booth display space, then the tabletop display is a good option. It makes use of the available horizontal space you have while maximizing on the vertical space, which is often infinitely higher than your horizontal space is wide. 

Eight-, Ten-, and Twenty-Foot Displays With Extras

When you have both space and money, you may want to invest in one of these deluxe displays. They are imprinted with company logos, names, and product information, and act as a rear wall to your trade show booth. Most of them also have overhead lights, which is useful if the trade show is in a rather dark arena. Some also have podiums where consumers can gather information about your company, while others have built-in niches for video screens where you can loop pre-recorded advertisements and product videos. Lights and videos definitely get people's attention because people will see your display better and be drawn into the videos playing because, well, people like to watch videos. 

Add or Subtract Components

Buy some or all of the above. Buy a few or buy a lot. If you buy a smattering of all of the above, you are ready for whatever size of booth space you secure and whatever lighting conditions are available at the various trade show venues around your state. The above options are all easy enough for one to two people to assemble, so if you have employees working for you, they should be shown how to put these things together. 

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