Are You Planning A Health-Centered Event For Your Women's Group?

13 August 2018
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Do you belong to a women's organization that hold different events each month? Perhaps it's your church-affiliated women's charity organization or a club that the gals at your place of business started. Whatever the circumstances, if you are in charge of planning an upcoming event that is centered on health issues, from forming committees to arranging for a live-streaming exercise video, here are some ideas that might help you.

Form Committees

Of course, you could do all of the planning for the health-centered event yourself, and you could probably even carry out everything that needs to be accomplished. However, wouldn't it be great to have helpers? If you have not already been given the names of women who will be helping you, think of selecting those who you know will see your vision of what you want the event to be. Make a list of things that need to be accomplished. For example, have somebody be in charge of advertising, another person who will send out invitations, another woman who will take on the responsibility of planning refreshments, and, of course, a setup and cleanup committee. Think of having two or three meetings where each committee member reports on the progress that she has made. This will give you an opportunity to fine-tune details. 

Plan Activities

Of course, since you are planning a health-centered event, you will want to focus on activities that will inspire the gals to live healthier lifestyles. In the invitations, think of including the suggestion that everyone wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can be used for exercising. Ask those on the food committee to plan on serving healthy foods. For example, assorted salads could be the main course, with fruits topped with sugar-free toppings as the dessert. The main event could be where all of you participate in an exercise routine with the help of a live streaming exercise video. By arranging for the live streaming exercise video, you will have professionals leading things like yoga, pilates, stretch exercises, and other exercises that are geared to improving the body's functionality. The exercise video will more than likely be very easy to set up. Just make sure you have the proper equipment, including a sound system available, and ask somebody to be in charge of running it. Ahead of time, find out how long the exercise video runs, just so you can plan your event accordingly.