How To Decorate A Wedding Reception Venue With A Vintage-Inspired Theme

25 January 2017
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If you and your spouse-to-be have refined senses of style and appreciate antiques and and all things old-fashioned, consider giving your wedding reception a sophisticated vintage theme. This theme will work in a variety of wedding venue types, from country barns to banquet halls to your backyard. 

A vintage-themed reception is also ideal for any budget since you can use antiques you already own, family heirlooms and inexpensive-yet-unique flea market finds as decor pieces. It's also easy to work colors that reflect a more glamorous time, such as luxe cream, burnished gold, and romantic mauve, into your overall scheme. 

Here are some ideas for decorating your wedding reception venue with a vintage-inspired touch:


One of the simplest yet most effective ways to infuse an event space with a specific theme is with the right linens. For a vintage theme, enhance the bridal and guest tables with charming lace tablecloths, or place lace runners over plain tablecloths to give them a softer, more charming look.

As another idea, opt for classic white tablecloths and use hand-crocheted place mats for homespun appeal. If you can't decide on what colors to use, you won't go wrong with a timeless, all-cream or all-white color scheme. 

If you prefer a more rustic vintage look, dress up reclaimed barn wood tables with crisp white cotton or lace runners for an instant upgrade. Place mismatched-yet-coordinating seat covers on all of the wood chairs, which will add both comfort and interest. 

Table Centerpieces 

As soon as guests walk into the reception venue, they're likely to notice the table centerpieces first. With a quaint vintage theme, you don't have to go all-out or spend a lot of money on the decor as simple and understated pieces will make the biggest impact.

For instance, fill antique milk glasses or crystal vases with lush bouquets of pink peonies or roses and place them in the center of the tables. In between each vase, set flickering LED tea lights to add ambiance and a romantic glow. 

As another idea, use vintage birdcages instead of vases and fill them with stacks of antique books, an assortment of LED candles, or anything from your personal collections. 

Candy Table

As a fun and sweet way of thanking your guests for their attendance on your special day, set up a candy table filled with old-fashioned treats, and have the party-goers fill up goody bags before going home. 

Cover the table with a pastel-hued cloth and fill apothecary jars with vintage sweets such as rock candy on swizzle sticks, gumballs, candy-coated almonds, ribbon candy and lollipops.