Ask For The Right Look In A Trade Show Model

21 September 2015
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Hiring a trade show model to appear at a trade show event really can draw attention to a display. Models deliver the best results when they present an appropriate match to the items on display. Fitness models are perfect for any display related to strength, conditioning, and weightlifting. To maximize the impact these models deliver, book them long in advance enough so they are better able to physically prepare for the show.

Match the Physique to the Merchandise

When selling weight loss products or muscle-building equipment, it is not enough for the models to be in shape. The physical condition of the models should match the results intended by the merchandise. Models standing next to a display of powdered protein meal replacement shakes should be more than lean. They should be very defined, showing low body fat combined with the solid muscle associated with quality protein supplements. When heavy cast iron weights are on sale, models with extra muscle bulk would help the marketing immensely.

Leave nothing to chance. Tell the modeling service what type of look you think would best match your display.

Give the Models Time

Inform the modeling agency of any physique preferences in as long in advance as possible. This way, the models can get into the right shape for the show. A model with 90 days to alter a training program has a much better chance of sculpting the perfect look than someone who only has 30 days.In some cases, the models may have to devise a completely new workout program than what they commonly perform. Again, providing them with more time to prepare allows for getting more acclimated with a new, possibly more intense, workout program.

Ask for a 30-Day Progress Report

It would be very awkward if trade show models showed up for the event not looking the way you hoped they would. Being a little diligent and staying in touch with the agency prior to the event helps avoid such embarrassing scenarios.

30 days prior to the event, ask the modeling agency for current photos of the model. This way, you can make sure the models are on the right track. If you feel a model is bulking up a little too much, simply tell the agency this. The model could stop lifting heavy weights and stop packing on bulk.

This might seem like a lot to consider, but promotional modeling has to have the right impact. If not, then your products aren't going to be promoted effectively.