Holding An Annual Company Meeting

25 June 2015
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If it is your first time making all the plans for your annual company meeting, you are most likely looking for a great spot to conduct business as well as some fun activities for your fellow employees to enjoy while they attend the event. Holding a company meeting does not need to be strictly business and should incorporate a lighter side between learning about the state of the corporation and ways to improve sales. Here are some ideas to use at your own annual meeting, making it a hit for all those who attend.

Getting Down To Business

If you have workers coming from around the country to partake in the annual event, you will want them to be comfortable at all times. Holding the business portion of the annual meeting in a conference center will be best as it will have all the amenities needed to have a successful show and tell session. Guests will be able to be seated with ample space to sit back and relax while listening to speeches.

A conference center comes equipped with audio/visual machinery so the corporate workers can watch slide shows, films and projection presentations. Some conference centers have rental laptops, printers, fax machines and copy machines available so business can be conducted while away from the office.

Hosting A Dinner

Everyone coming to your company meeting will need to be fed, so holding a formal dinner will keep your guests nourished and satiated. Host the dinner at a hotel or large restaurant. Make sure to send out meal choices in advance to make it easier on the catering staff and to make sure there is plenty of food available for everyone. Consider placing an ice sculpture of something related to your company in the bar area to help promote the business side of the event. People will enjoy seeing the promotional art and it will make a great spot for photos so they can reminisce about their fun with their coworkers.

Adding Entertainment

Have some exciting entertainment available for guests after the business part of the event has been completed. Hire a comedian or motivational speaker to keep workers' minds busy. If the event is going to span over a few days, host a company baseball game or golf excursion for fun or rent a luxury yacht for guests to enjoy a beautiful day out on the water. If money is a concern, have a barbecue on company grounds. Set up a bunch of lawn games to allow workers some fun games of friendly competition. 

Consider having a presentation where employees receive awards for their performance throughout the year. Employees will be excited throughout the event to find out who the big winners will be and the chance of winning an award or plaque will keep employees interested in staying at the event until the end.