Mother's Day Gifts For Your Gardening Mother

9 March 2015
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Are you trying to decide on the perfect Mother's Day gift this year? Do you want something different or new that your mother will cherish for a long time? Here are some gift ideas that you can use to help make her day special:

Live plants: Instead of buying cut flowers from the florist, choose live ones instead. Your favorite florist should have a selection of potted plants and flower bulbs available. If you are going to be delivering the gift yourself, personalize it by putting the plant into a new flower pot. Repaint the pot with in your mother's favorite colors. If you are especially artistic, decorate the pot with a copy of a famous painting or a scene from your mother's favorite movie.

Gardening supplies: If you give your mother a live plant from the florist, why not give her a selection of gardening supplies to go along with it? If she lives in a small apartment with no yard, she can still use and appreciate a set of clay gardening pots. You should also take this opportunity to treat your mother to gardening supplies that she wouldn't ordinarily buy for herself. This can include things like more expensive gardening gloves or gardening hand tools with more comfortable molded grips. Package everything into a wheeled garden seat that has storage. Not only will this keep your gifts together and show that they are a set, but she'll be able to sit on the seat and be more comfortable while tending to her plants and flowers.

Flower books: Did you know that different flowers have traditionally had different meanings? For example, delphinium is used in a flower display to symbolize things like fun and levity. On the other hand, an iris can symbolize faith and hope. Many books have been written on the subject and how to make a bouquet that has a specific meaning. When choosing flowers at the florist, you may want to include flowers that will tell your mother how much she means to you. So that your mother can understand the hidden message in the flowers, be sure to send her one or more different books about flower meanings. 

Although choosing fun and unique gifts for Mother's Day may seem to be difficult, all it takes is a little thought. Look around her home and see what it is that she needs. Does she enjoy tending to and caring for things, or does she lead an active lifestyle that prohibits her from regularly watering plants? Whatever the case, you're certain to find just the right gift if you pay attention. Talk to experts like Aladdin's Florist & Wedding Chapel for more information.