Movie Star For A Day: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

25 February 2015
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When your daughter is turning 16, you may likely feel a twinge of sadness. After all, the baby you once held in your arms has reached her first big milestone birthday, not to mention she will legally be able to take the car and head out and about on her own for the first time. As such, helping her plan her sweet 16 party is bittersweet, but is also extremely important both for you and your daughter. Treating her to a glamorous party where she is treated like a movie star for a day will be just the event your daughter needs to begin making the transition into adulthood. So, with the movie star for a day theme in mind, begin your daughter's sweet 16 party planning with these ideas.

Think Glitz and Glam When Choosing Decorations

First and foremost, the sweet 16 decorations you choose will set the tone for your daughter's entire party. So, when you want to make her feel like a movie star for a day, you need to keep it classy and expensive looking. Start with the all-important red carpet. No movie star event would be complete without it.

In fact, if you can, set up the red carpet outside the venue (or just inside the entrance) and have hired paparazzi photographers there to snap candid and posed glamour shots as guests enter. Or, for a slightly more playful version, you can rent a few photo booths from a party rental company and let guests snap their own photos as they enter.

Once inside, think diamonds and luxury. LED-lit cocktail tables can add glamour and ambiance to the festivities and take up less space than traditional dinner tables. Additionally, you can also rent lanterns and chandeliers to light the party space creating a movie awards show-like atmosphere for your daughter's party guests.

Don't Forget the Swag Bags

No movie star event is complete without swag bags for all the famous movie stars to take home with them. In lieu of the traditional birthday party gift bags, opt for personalized satin or other fabric swag bags that add a touch of glam and class to the festivities. They will be a keepsake that your child and their party guests can look back on for years to come.

Inside these personalized satin grab bags, you can gift guests with personalized accessories. Candies and chocolates complete with themed stickers or even guest's names on them, personalized mint tins, compact mirrors, and even manicure kits all fit with the glamorous movie star treatment theme. These items will make guests feel pampered and luxurious.

Throwing your daughter a sweet 16 party can be both exciting and bittersweet. Choosing a movie star for a day theme will represent your teen's transition into adulthood and will be a fun way to throw a glamorous, extravagant-looking party. So, keep these ideas in mind as you begin the planning process. Visit Tailored Events for more ideas.