Acquire A Photo Booth Rental For Your Child's Birthday Party

12 December 2022
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A photo booth rental can be used to capture memories of your child's next birthday party. A booth rental may consist of a moving or fixed platform, camera equipment, and props. Use some tips to aid with acquiring beautiful photos of the celebration.

Research Rentals In Advance

A photo booth rental outfitter may feature booths that will support capturing photos of one or more children at the same time. Some models may be better equipped for youngsters. A fixed booth will require you to prepare an area for your child and their guests to sit or stand. A spinning booth is designed to rotate and will usually require that one or more individuals are standing on the booth's platform while it is activated.

A booth rental may contain a built-in camera. Some equipment may necessitate that a smartphone or a smart device is supplied by the consumer who is renting the equipment. Check out all of the equipment that is offered at a rental facility. Find out if there are any packages offered that will involve acquiring all of the photo equipment and having it transported and set up at your party venue.

Prepare For The Photo Sessions

Once all of the children who you have invited arrive at the party, things may be too hectic for you to arrange the booth area or test out the equipment. All of the booth preparations should be conducted before the party begins. This includes taking some test photos, adjusting lighting within the room where the party will be held, and setting up backdrops and props. Keep in mind that the colors and textures of decor items should be complementary to each of the photos you take.

Avoid overpowering the setting where pictures will be taken. A simple banner that has "Happy Birthday" scrawled across it can be used as the backdrop. Hang the banner at a height that will not be blocked when the children are having their pictures taken. Supply party horns, hats, bubbles, confetti, and other party items that the children can use while the booth is actively being used to take pictures.

Set up a schedule that coincides with the order in which you would like the pictures to be taken. If you choose to rent an open-air booth that will provide ample room for a table to be set up, many of the pictures can be taken while your child and their friends are seated around the table. 

Contact a local photo booth rental service, such as AJR Events, to learn more.