Three Ways To Stop Going Out For Lunch When Work Only Gives You Thirty Minutes To Eat

30 October 2018
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So many companies only give their employees thirty minutes to eat a meal. Most people feel rushed and feel like they have to inhale their food just to avoid not getting enough to eat and punching in late. However, there are better ways to get lunch when you are working and not feel rushed to grab something from the food cart or truck nearest your work space. 

​Order In and Set the Time

If you did not know, there are many restaurants that deliver, and many of those same restaurants allow you to set a delivery time. This is fantastic for anyone that wants lunch delivered to the office at the exact moment they punch out for lunch. The delivery person can bring the food right to your floor, and if you paid in advance for it, you only have to sign the receipt. Then you can sit back and enjoy a hot pizza, calzone, pasta, sub sandwiches, etc., for that whole thirty minutes. 

​Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps allow you to get food delivered from your favorite restaurants regardless of the fact that these restaurants do not have their own delivery service. You will need a tablet or a smartphone, the downloaded apps, and an account with each of the apps. These apps include businesses like GrubHub and UberEats, and both deliver food from casual dining and fast food places, plus you can set the time for delivery, too. The best part is that some of these apps, like UberEats, allow you to pay with credits you earn from using the apps, which means that lunch every so often is free.

​Corporate Catering Services

When you want to feed an army or just celebrate a birthday or holiday in the office, you can get corporate catering services. Either hire a private caterer or request catering from a number of casual or fast food restaurants. It just depends how formal or informal you want the menu to be. If the food is meant for the annual holiday party, consider something a little more formal and hire a private corporate caterer. If it is just for the Superbowl or Bob in accounting is having a birthday, try catering services from a casual dining or fast food place. 

You could also hire catering services for training days, conferences and conventions, or project planning events. Those things go all day, and most of the time no one is allowed to leave except to go to the restroom. People get hungry. Bring the food to them.